If She's Not Responding Text Her....


Tired of texting a girl only to watch it fizzle out or even worse have her stop responding?

Bobby Rio and I were talking about just this a few weeks ago in San Fransico. We shared some of our best techniques and compared notes. Turns out Mr. Rio and I have a lot of different techniques but with similar principles behind them. But I guess that is what happens when you spend years and thousands of texts each month figuring out what does and doesn’t work.

Now Bobby and I have been good friends for years, so when he asked me to create a few bonus videos of my favorite techniques for you guys I pulled out all the stops and gave you my very best.

Without any further ado, here are the exact techniques I use to immediately spike up a girls attraction through text and set myself apart from all those other guys texting her. I’ll even show you how to resurrect a text conversation that has gone silent (even if you have texted her like 5 times and she hasn’t responded).

In the first video, I am going to reveal to you some texts that actually uses a girls own biases to powerfully snap her out of autopilot and think of you in a totally different way from the normal boring guys that are blowing up her phone.

You are going to come across as the fun, exciting, charming guy that she actually LOOKS FORWARD to getting texts from!

In the second video, you will discover a technique that is going to actually seem like voodoo the way it gets into a girls mind and compels her to respond.

Even I am amazed every time it works. (Don’t worry, I am going to reveal to you the actual psychology behind it so you can use it to its full potential).

Watch it. Use it. Be amazed :)

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I had making them for you. If you want to learn even more Tips, Techniques and Tactics that will transform you into a Texting Ninja check out my program here:



Let Bobby and I know your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • Pien on April 17, 2013

    This is brilliant, but the problem is, a guy would have got the girl’s number, engaged her, and then lost her while texting her (this is when these page comes in handy). After re-engaging her again… How can the guy ensure that he doesn’t lose her again (I doubt any guy could maintain and possibly get lucky through losing and re-engaging text conversation… can they?)

  • Kuwam on April 19, 2013

    Not bad

  • Andy on June 14, 2013

    Good stuff… I had to teach this to a friend of mine ;)

  • Isandy on June 15, 2013

    Pretty cool stuff, I think it can work on websites as private messages to girls. I’ll definitely try this ninjas techniques!!

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